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We Created An Easy Process, So You Know What To Expect

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Your Path to an ​​Outdoor Space You'll Love

It can feel overwhelming to take on any home project. But don’t worry; we have an easy process to get the job done right and ensure you end up with the outdoor space you love.

Our 10-step process will leave you feeling supported from start to finish. So let’s get started!


Thayer Lynn Carpentry Family

Our Easy 10-Step Process

Please fill out our online form and tell us about your vision for your space.

Step 2. Phone Consultation

We will talk about your vision for your outdoor space and discuss your design, budget, and timeline.

Step 3. On-site Consultation

We will assess your home and outdoor space to understand the scope of work you would like. Then, we will collect measurements to estimate your project cost accurately.

Step 4. Sign the contract

Once we have decided on the materials and design of your outdoor project, we will review the scheduled timeline and scope of work, then sign the contract.

Step 5. Design Your space

We complete A 2D design of your project with materials.

A design consultation is available for $250 (including samples and a 3D rendering) if necessary.

Step 6. Pre-Job Walkthrough

Before we get to work, we will do a pre-job walkthrough with you to ensure everything is ready before we start.

Step 7. Start Your project

This is where your vision comes to life! Our team will get to work and give you frequent progress updates throughout the buildout phase.

Step 8. Finished product and final walkthrough

After finishing your project, we will complete a final walkthrough with you to ensure you are happy with the final result. If we need to fix anything, we’ll take care of it during this time.

Step 9. Follow Up

Even after we complete your project, we will continue to follow up with you–we check in with you after 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months. One year after your project’s completion, we will come out to preform a detailed inspection ourselves.

Step 10. Warranty

We offer a 10-year craftsmanship warranty on our labor in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on materials.

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